About Us

     The Cat and The Cobra is a store run by two people: Casey and Eric. In the mid-summer of 2018, we decided on a whim to open up a vintage clothing store. There's no cute back story. We weren't two people who were passionate about vintage and wanted to pursue our dreams. Honestly, I worked at a bar, and E was on unemployment after losing his job selling signs. We were tired of working for the man, so we took an idea and ran with it.   

     Within two years, we went from knowing absolutely nothing about vintage clothing - not knowing the difference between a Gildan tag and a Screen Stars tag - to selling rare and hard to find vintage.  Not only did we find it, but we fell in love with it. 

     E travels around the Midwest and looks for clothing in abandoned houses. While a "controversial" way of sourcing vintage, it's not an easy way of sourcing vintage. E has been to 500+ abando houses in the last year, and only 24 have been fruitful. The clothes on this website are extremely hard to find, and a constant danger while trying to find them. 

      We hope you love the things we have in our shop as much as we do. Every piece is so special; in the ways it's faded, or repaired, or worked in. No two things are alike, and they each tell their own story. We hope you love the idea of finding and preserving things that were left to rot. To some, we're thievin' stealin' vintage clothing Villains. To others we're vintage clothing Super-Heros. But to us, we're just two weirdos, who get, like, really really excited over some stinky, dirty clothes.